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 Thailand National Flag  GOD Bless America !

Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base


 Thirteenth Air Force   Seventh and Thirteenth Air Force

Welcome, Sawatdee !

     Thailand National Flag

    Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base

    Photo Credit : Photo taken by Ervin Davis - 1967

    Sawatdee !

    This Historical Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base Site is dedicated to those Airmen who served at Udorn R.T.A.F.B. and to the Aircrew Members who never returned.

    Hopefully these pages of historical tribute will bring back some special memories.

    If you have photos, an interesting story, or link to your own Udorn site, or link to photo(s) from Udorn or other related sites, please share the information via my Guest Book or drop me an E-mail at .

    Welcome back Home,........... to Udorn !

    F-4 C-Model Phantom
    Photo Credit : THANK YOU Bert Hester
    Photos were taken in 1967 at Udorn

    This TOP PHOTO shows many stacked tons of 750 pounder General Purpose fragmentation bombs ...........
This BOTTOM PHOTO shows  close-up of 750 pounders AFTER tail fin housings have been assembled onto the bomb body. TWO types of Tail Fins are shown.
    Photo Credit : THANK YOU Bert Hester
    Photos were taken in 1967 at Udorn

      NOTE : For a list of aircraft seen weekly at Udorn RTAFB,
      the weapons and munitions, etc used during the war,
      check out my site dedicated to 462X0's ;
      'Weapons / Munitions Specialists'.


      A few Thai words to wake up CRS memories

      CRS = "Can't Remember Sh_t"
        Greetings    = Sawt dee
        Greetings Sir = Sawatdee Khap
        Yes = Chi
        No = Mi
        Go = Bye
        Go Fast = Bye Lay-oh
        Very Fast = Lay-oh Lay-oh
        Slow Down = Del-Del-Del
        Stop = Yoot
        How are you ? = Khun Sah Bye Dee Loo ?
        I'm fine = Sah bye dee
        Where are you going ?    = Bye Nye
        Going around town = Bye Teal
        Going to go Eat Rice = Bye Kin Cow
        Where = Tee Nigh
        I don't know = My Loo
        Never Mind (Don't worry about it) = My Pen Lie
        Water = Nahm
        Beer = Sing-High (The brand most G.I.'s preferred)
        Drinking Glass = Newng-Gow
        Bottle = Quwat (G.I.s said "Quart")
        Fried Rice = Cow Pot
        Monkey Ball Soup = Quay-Dee-Owl-Nahm
        Money = Baht
        How much does it cost ? = Towel Lie Baht
        Much = Mahk
        Too Much Money = Mawk-Baht
        Far Too Much Money = Mawk-Mawk Baht
        Do NOT want = My Owl
        Want = Owl
        I want = Pome Owl
        I want One = Pome Owl Newng
        One = Newung
        Two = Song
        Three = Sahm
        Four = See
        Five = Ha
        Six = Hoke
        Seven = Jet
        Eight = Pat
        Nine = Gow
        Ten = Sip
        Where's the Toilet ?  = Ob-Nahm Tee-Nigh
        You = Khun (G.I.s pronounced it "Coon")
        Thank you = Khp khun (G.I.s said "Cop Coon")
        Baby = Deck
        Is this your Baby ? = Deck Cong Khun ?
        Boy = Nong-Chi
        Man = Poo-Chi
        Girl = Deck-Yeng
        Woman = Poo-Yeng
        NOTE : Learn to Read Thai
        NOTE : Photos of Udorn RTAFB and vicinity.
        NOTE : Another Udorn site with photos & stories 'then & now'
        NOTE : American military terminology and slang
        NOTE : For more related links, see the bottom of this page.

       F-4 Phantom

       Weapons Troops Motto at Ubon R.T.A.F.B.
       Secret for over Thirty Years

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