Udorn RTAFB Videos

Udorn RTAFB, Ubon RTAFB, misc. Thailand, and Yokota

AB ’66-’68 Videos by Erwin E. Davis

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Part XIII    

Udorn RTAFB ’71-’72 Videos by Dave Dwiggins

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Udorn RTAFB ’72-’73 Videos by Samuel W. Lassiter, Jr.

Part I Part II Part III
Part IV Part V

USAF Barrier Crews in Thailand Video by Gary Kelley

1969 to 1976

Udon Thani Roti Vendor Video by Dave Dwiggins

Roti Vendor

2 thoughts on “Udorn RTAFB Videos

  1. Sherry Mangini Widow of Joseph A. Mangini USAF

    Is there any information available about Air Force Crews 1966-1967 that were not connected to flying yet were taken across from Udorn RAFB into Laos usually under the cover of darkness?
    I’m Joe Mangini’s widow, he passed away September 2011, he believed his stomach cancer was caused from exposure to agent orange.
    He only spoke of being escorted into Laos but nothing else, he never explained his duties for being their. He was a motor pool mechanic. Why was he in Laos? What did he do there? Please help me to honor one of his last wishes that he had boots on ground and came into contact with agent orange.

    Respectfully, Mrs. Sherry Mangini

  2. Richard E. Fulwiler

    My sorrow for your loss and respect for your desire for closure. Though it will not answer your questions and concerns, read carefully the entire section ” Laos : The Secret War ( http://www.preservingourhistory.com/Laos.html ) where the information supports our involvement.

    My quest for information on the history and operations of an executive conversion of a World War II built attack bomber that was being operated with U.S. civil registration by the CIA and Air America from the Udorn base led me to the Ervin Davis site. He photographed that special top secret aircraft on the Air America ramp in 1967, proving not only that the aircraft existed, but was actually operated from Udorn by Air America. Both it, and her identical sister-ship were destroyed and scrapped, their operational secrets with them. Only in the late ’90s and early 2000s has ANY information been disclosed, and most is greatly curtailed. The ” TRUTH ” is nearly impossible to be known. It is up to us to find out all we can before all is lost to history.

    I grew up near the airport where the company that did the executive conversion, On Mark Engineering Company, and had free access as an enthusiastic teen to their facility until early in 1963. The once open door slammed shut for me, and it was a few months later that the two A-26 Invader based Marksman ” Special Purpose ” aircraft were converted, sponsored by the CIA. The one that made it to S.E. Asia was called the ” Blue Goose “. On Mark also converted 40 Douglas Invaders to updated attack bombers known as the B-26K / A-26A Counter Invader and flying with the call sign ” NIMROD ” with the 609th S.O.S.. The contract for the 40 upgraded aircraft was signed in the last days of November of 1963 just days after that horrific day in Dallas. Look into NSAM 273 issued by Johnson on November 26th, 1963 as a statement of intent for further engagement and involvement. Four days into his new position for a decision of such consequence is one that has made me very uncomfortable. Serving with the U.S. Army from 1966 through 1969 and a tour in Vietnam, and there are still things I am not supposed to disclose.

    There is so much about that time that ” We the people . . . ” are prevented from knowing this many years after. Freedom of Information Act disclosed documents often are often censored to a degree that they are unusable, so I hope you can find a path to the answers you seek. Good luck.

    Sincere regards,
    Richard E. Fulwiler


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