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From Thailand and Laos. Posted by Kimberly Davis on 12/13/2010 (82 items)

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  1. Forrest "tink" Babcock

    AIM 4’s on a D Mod, I was there when due to a mod problem the missile came off the inner rail, and took out the strut on another F-4 across the ramp. The #3 man lost his arm that day and we stopped flying the AIM 4. 555tfs then 432

  2. Jerry Stout 432 MMS

    The 3 BLMF’s ( Bomb Loading Mother —— in the pic I remember them but can’t think of their names. I was there from 11/70 to 11/71 painted the bombs on Christmas Eve, Was there for Bombs in the Barrel and loaded more frag then i can remember. I was on a load crew with Joe Stout Crew Chief no relation and cameron Rucks. Had a hootch across from the BX by the services squadron. Anyone who was there during that time with me, send me an e-mail, or you cna visit me on Together We Served Air Force.

  3. Pete Kate

    Wow, thought I would never see pics of the F-104’s at Udorn. Does anyone remember the incident where a rocket pod on a Starfighter went off at the arm/dearm area at East end of runway?
    I was walking out to a CH-3C parked way down the ramp near west end of taxiway when the rockets exploded down through the area between taxiway and runway. Scared the crap out me. Thought we were being mortered by VC.

    1. Wayne Ortega

      My name is Anthony wayne Ortega (Tony) I was airmam stationed at Udorn Thailand with the 435 TFS I was there 66/67 when
      my good friend sgt Raymon Pouch as the lead wepons tech. was working with airman Ruccer at the end of the runway. Sgt Pouch
      was standing behind the F104 prior to tack off, a stray voltage check was not done or done in correctly when the safety pin was
      pulled all 18 3.5 white phosphorus rockets discharged. Sgt Pouch received suffered major burns but survived, a Major at the
      opposite end of the runway in a operations truck was killed, also a few Thai civilians were killed.
      Anthony Ortega

      1. Ray Steinkraus

        Hi Tony,

        The day the rocket launcher went off, I was in a F-104 weapons maintenance shack not to far from the flight line working on an M-61 Gatling gun. I was a friend with Ray Pouch too.

        I am writing a short story about the accident and was wondering if you could help me with the date the event happened and any other info you may want to share. The best I can recall it was Nov. 1966.


        Former SSgt. Ray Steinkraus at Udorn in the 435 TFS, June 1966 to July 1967.

        1. Windell Driskell

          I remember the accident very well, but as I remember, the F-104 in question, had the right wing replaced by the RAM team because of battle damage. In fact the new wing had not been painted before flight, and from what I understand, two 28 volt wires were crossed in the wing, which caused the pod to be hot at the time the pin was pulled. It was just as if the pilot has the trigger depressed. I don’t remember the exact date.

      2. Tony Cole

        I remember that day I was on a B-1 stand and had just reached the bottom step and was knocked down, minor injuries. do you by chance know who the crew chief of 57-925 was? col. Finney was the pilot?

    2. Finn Jensen

      I was under the wing of an F-104 on the line doing a pre-flight inspection when that tragic accident occurred. I remember it well. Like others, I thought it was a mortar attack.

  4. Roy Newton

    The picture of the F-4D catching the arresting hook at Udorn with the OZ lettering and red tail tip is clearly an RF-4C from the 14th TRS at Udorn….I worked on 11th and 14th TRS Photo Systems on two tours first was Oct. 67 to Oct. 68 and again from Mar. 69 to Mar. 70…

  5. John J Kuhn Jr {sgt.} Korat 72&73

    Got a ticker problem and cancer. Any info on AO and Korat is greatly appreciated. Was in the 561st & 562nd TFS {105’s} and 23rd TFW. Any memories??? THANKS!!!

  6. Donald "Don" Snider

    Pete Kate: I was there when the LAU3A rocket launcher went off. I was in the weapons section. SSgt Jonesof was the weapons crew chief in arm dearm that day, one of the members of his crew was A1C Bell, I don’t recall the other members. I was also on the investigating board for that incident because I was the training NCOIC. Rember LtCol. Harris, Chife of Maint, 1st Lt. Carlson was the OIC of weapons, TSgt Coulter was NCOIC of weapons They came with the unit from George AFB. I was assigned from Castle. I’ll never forget that day, not a good one. The 435 was a good unit

  7. Tom Dahlstrom

    I was at Udorn when they began shut-down in the 70s. The Thai people were so friendly….and happy! Thanks to all of the Thai soldiers and U.S. forces that served there….God bless you all! Sawatdee

    1. John Van Etten

      I was a PaveNail FAC and did a lot of flying in the Barrel Roll area. I was based in NKP 1971-1972.
      I killed a T-54 Tank with a 2.75″ rocket by setting the elephant
      grass upwind of it on fire, and when the fire reached the tank it began to smoke then the top blew off in a huge fire ball.

  8. stephen elliott

    If anyone was at udorn and remembers ltc. fred mellor 1964/1965 f4101 voo doo 363rd tactical recon wing, please email me. he is an uncle of mine that got shot down in 1965.
    still m.i.a.

  9. Rick Hebb

    Was stationed at Udorn RTAFB 74-75 in CES arresting barriers. Anyone there during my tour give me a shout. Left November 75′ just after announced base closing. Sad day. Really loved it there…especially th Golden Palm! Sawadee.

    1. jim renken

      I was in Thailand from 1971 to 1970 with crash recovery and transient alert – need memories of that time

      1. Randy Herrell

        I was an air traffic controller, worked in the Rapcon between the taxiway and runway at exit 2.
        Do you have any photos showing the lack of vegetation in the area I worked, would you be willing to write a buddy letter stating that in the area we both worked, I was there in 69-70.
        Randy Herrell Winchester, TN 931-968-9950

  10. Jerry Gilara

    I was stationed with 602nd Air Commando when rockets fired. We were on the recieving end of the rockets. I was at west end of runway, adjacent to Air America bomb dump. After the rockets hit the ground in front of the F104 they scattered. Several blew adjacent to us. At the same time a couple of Lao T-28’s flew over us. We thought we were being attacked. After my tour was complete I shipped out to Misawa Japan. I ran accross the the guy you loaded the rockets. I believe his name was Ssgt Bell. He told me that a new wing was installed and the wiring was connected wrong. The stray power didn’t show unless the engine was running. He assumed that the arming crew didn’t properly check for power before connecting the rocker pod. Not a good day at Udorn.

  11. Bert Gangolf

    I was with the 14thTRS PPIF Oct 70/Feb 71 we did recon for the SonTay POW raid which was launched at Udorn on 20 Nov 70 .. When the weather was good recon was our job. Feb 71 I was PCS ,d to Tan Son Nhut AFB,RVN 12th RITS and DEROS back to the world Oct71. If someone needs a letter substancating exposure to agent orange between Oct70 /Feb71 same same at Nam unit please contact me. I am appealing VA Decision myself together then together now!! Welcome Home to you all God Bless you !! Bert

  12. Fred Milhous

    I was stationed at Udorn from 1968-70 and served as a (fireman) rescue specialist on helicopters. I plan to visit Udorn in Feb of 2017. Do any of you know how to contact someone who worked for the Thai Gov on the Air Force Base during the above time frame? The Thai man’s name is (Shorty) Samii Coonpabalee and he worked as a fire protection assistant at the flight line fire station maintenance building.

  13. AuDra Hill

    I was stationed in Udorn RTAFB in 1972-1973. I worked in vehicle maintenance. I am looking for pictures of the area to show we our location to the flight line. I remember they used a truck to spray for mosquitoes which was a herbicide.


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