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Proud daughter of Ervin "Butch/Dave" Davis

USAF Ssgt Ervin Davis

I am the (proud) daughter of Ervin “Butch or Dave” Davis. Dad created these websites and I have maintained them after he passed away April 22, 2007.

Since he was a young boy, Dad always wanted to be a soldier and fight for his country. He enlisted in the USAF and began basic training in January of 1966 at the age of 19. His basic was in Texas, and he spent his first year in Lowry AFB in Colorado and George AFB in California. He trained and began working with Weapons and Munitions.

In December of 1966, Dad was transferred to Udorn, Thailand. He transferred PCS to Ubon, Thailand in Dec. 1967, and in late 1968 to December of 1969, he was in Yakota, Japan and Korea’s DMZ.

While in Thailand, Dad also participated in clandestine operations with Air America, which took him to Laos, as well as other countries. He was involved in “Project Waterpump” and DET-1 56 SOW during this time.

He was promoted to the Non-Commissioned Officer position of Staff Sergeant in 1968 after a recommendation from his superiors, and in December of 1969, he was honorably discharged from the USAF to become a “civilian” once again.

After the USAF, Dad worked in factories, until his medical problems caused him to pursue disability. After being cleared for disability, Dad remained very active in our local community, advocating for our neighborhood and founding Morningside-McCormick Crime Watch, Inc. He created many helpful resources for people, including these websites.

He had two kids, my brother Roy and myself, and was married to my mom Joan for 21 years before passing away in 2007.

He is missed, every day. Truly a great man, a great American and my hero.

Sawatdee ka!

I am adding some new features to this website (like the guestbook/forum, photos and videos), so it will be “under construction” for some time. I would love your feedback and ideas. What features would YOU like to see on

I plan on scanning in a ton of slides from when Dad was stationed in Thailand in the late 60’s. I would also LOVE for any of you to share your photos as well. You can always email them to me ( and I’ll get them up for you. Just let me know where they were taken, when, and who/what is in the photo. (My father was in the USAF, but I am a civilian. You may have to be specific so I don’t make a mistake when labeling them!)

I have added 2 albums of photos that Dad took in Japan/Korea and have started an album for submitted Udorn RTAFB photos. Check them out! I also have a page for Videos, so if you have anything relevant on Youtube that you’d care to share, I’ll add a link!

And just to be clear, I did not decide to do away with the old guestbook. The server informed me that they were no longer going to be maintaining the guestbook entries. I have saved EVERY page of the guestbook and RE-POSTED it on THIS server, so the information is still there and will NOT be lost! (The only posts that were lost are the ones added AFTER the guestbook stopped offering their services. I’ve updated all the links I know of, but apparently some still exist that are not updated. I do not have access to read posts made to the OLD guestbook after January 2011.)

Keep checking back–and for those of you who are Veterans of the United States Military, or Veterans of other countries who have fought alongside our men and women, THANK YOU for your service!!