Agent Orange & Other Herbicides: Resources
These resources have been gathered from a variety of other sites. They were not created by Ervin Davis or his family. All contents linked to this page belong to those individuals who originally published them. This includes photos and written works. Some government and court-related documents are public, however. Please use your own descretion. These links are provided as resources for Veterans who have had exposure to herbicides, their spouses/widows, and offspring.

"Vietnam-era Veterans whose service involved duty on or near the perimeters of military bases in Thailand anytime between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975 may have been exposed to herbicides and may qualify for VA benefits."--quoted from the VA website:

And in response to the VA's site on AO in Thailand,
"(pages) 67-68 – Security personnel required to construct defensive structures. Soil sterilization and herbicide use approved in 1969 required permission from Embassy – could only be used within perimeters. Korat RTAFB – vegetation problems at runway and around perimeter. Embassy permission in June to use herbicides (vegetation control – “that program” in June)"--quoted from's article, MMQB: What did VA, DoD Cover Up with incomplete Thailand Agent Orange Report?

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